Robocop Hack

The Robocop Hack will give you unlimited credits, gold, unlock all weapons, double XP and unlimited health. for Android and iOS. Launched by Glu Mobile, the game is inspired from the movie with the same name. You will play as Robocop, who saves hostages, capture informants and fight with robots seen in the movie and so on.

But even if this game is free to play, Glu asks you to pay for gold. And the prices for gold at the shop are simply exaggerated. For example, Glu asks you 5 bucks for a medium gold pack. Isn’t that too much for a game which was supposed to be free? I think so! Now you can generate unlimited gold with the Robocop Hack. And trust me, you will need gold for almost everything which can be unlocked or bought in this game. The unique ammunition for weapons costs 30 gold, and there are other suit upgrades, which will also require cash (also known as credits). A tier 5 weapon like HV-1 Titan will also cost you 312.800 cash or 400 gold, and you can afford that by grinding a lot, buying their gold or using our hack, which is the best choice for those who play the Robocop game. Also, if you need another weapons, this hack will unlock all of them., That’s right, all of them! Just tick the unlock all the weapons feature, and next check your game. Now you can fight in style with your ultimate weapon. Also there is the double xp hack. This option will make your character gain as twice as much XP as before, so you will level up faster. Isn’t that cool? And last, but not least, the Robocop hack will also give you unlimited health. Why should you die if you are Robocop? Robots never die, and it will be the same for you if you download the Robocop Hack you will never die ever again, if you want that.

The Robocop hack works on Android and iOS and it doesn’t require root or jailbreak, because it works on both type of devices, rooted or unrooted, jailbroken or not. Let’s recap the features of the Robocop Hack:

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Double XP
  • Unlimited health
Download the hack  for iOS and Android from the mirrors below

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