Samurai Siege Hack

Samurai Siege Hack  is a hack for Android and iOS that will give you unlimited troops, diamonds and Infinite Deployment. Made by Space Ape Games, Samurai Siege follow the Clash of Clans formula in both gameplay and resource management. The problem is that they will ask you to pay for diamonds if you want more.

Diamonds can be used to buy carpenters, which will help you get everything done even faster than before. You can have up to five carpenters. Diamonds can be also used for speeding up many things like construction and upgrades of buildings, training and researching of units, completition or upgrading spells. Now you understand the importance of this hack. Stop buying diamonds, or even if you have never bought them, use the Samurai Siege Hack.

Samurai Siege really looks good. And it will be less frustrating if you use the Infinite Deployment feature. It also works in multiplayer and it’s undetectable, thanks to our anti cheat detection feature. This hack was tested an Samsung Galaxy 3, Tab 2 and iPhone 5, having no issues. The hack comes with an auto-updater, so you will have to download this hack only once.

Samurai Siege Hack Features Unlimited:

  • Diamonds
  • Troops
  • Deployment
For Android & iOS

8 Responses to Samurai Siege Hack

  1. Billy says:

    Thanks, this is great!

  2. kevin says:


  3. SingaporeSG says:

    works fine 🙂

  4. hitam says:

    Thank you!

  5. chris says:

    New to this hacking thing. I downloaded the file. Loaded it and enjoying using it

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