Sensei Wars Hack

Hi, today we will show you the Sensei Wars Hack, the only hack that will give you gold, gems and food, for both iOS and Android devices. This hack works on both jailbroken and unjailbroken iOS devices, as well  Made by 2K Play, Sensei Wars is one of the first mobile experiences for the 2K Games company which launched games like Mafia II. It’s like the Chinese or Japanese version of Clash of Clans. In this game, you will build and defend your village. The main currency are gold and gems, with the last being the premium one.
Gems are expensive and we don’t understand why should people spend their money on a box or a tray of gems. That’s why we have made the Sensei Wars Hack. By using our Sensei Wars Hack Tool, you will be able to generate infinite amount of gold, gems and food fore free. Gems are very important, they can be used to build more worker’s shed, which will create more workers. There are very few ways to get free gems, and we thing that getting them trough accomplishing achievements is a very tedious procedure which would consume a lot of your precious time. You will need gems to speedup building and for troop recruitment.
Gold can be used to upgrade buildings, like farms. The Sensei Wars Hack will also generate infinite gold, no matter what Android or iOS device you use. Gold is generated by mines. Mines also require food, which can also be generated by using the Sensei Wars Hack from g4mehacks.  But we felt that mines produce too less gold for our needs. By upgrading farms, you will increase storage space, health and production per hour. Silos will also require gold and food, and you will have to upgrade all the buildings in order to defend your village better.
This hack will give you three resources:
  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Food
Here’s a short guide on how to use the hack on iOS and Android. Happy Christmas!
1 – Download the hacked files by clicking on Download and extract it.
2 – Close the game from multitask.
3 – Use iFile find extracted binary file “Dojo”. Put it in /var/mobile/Applications/Sensei Wars/ (android/data/com.senseiwars/files on Android)
4 – Set permissions to 777.
5 – Launch the game and enjoy.
For iOS
For Android


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