Smash Hit Hack

Smash Hit HackSmash Hit Hack is the latest iOS and Android tool that will give you unlimited balls, crystals, start with two balls and will also instantly unlock the premium feature. Smash Hit is a marvelous game, made by Mediocre, similar with Ricochet. It’s graphics are realistic and the music is great. We love this kind of games, and because this one was easy too hack, we decided to give it a try and managed to bring you our latest hack on our site, the Smash Hit Hack.

But why do you need unlimited balls. Well , if you run out of balls, you are out, the game is over. Sure, you can also try to gather crystals in order to have more balls, but why collect them when you can focus on the real game. But our hack will also feature unlimited crystals, feature which will also activate the multiball mode (for which you will have to get a streak of 10 crystals). Also, if you think that one ball is not enough ,you can start the level with two balls, just by ticking a box. The hack is pretty simple to use. You can use the tool below and permanently hack the game, or you can use the tool from the archive which just needs to be opened when the game is opened in order to slide it down, and select the options and resources. The Smash Hit Hack was tested on both Android and iOS devices to ensure that it will work on multiple platforms. Now that you know why it’s good for you to download this hack, you can take it by pressing on the download buttons below.
Smash Hit Hack features

  • Unlimited Balls
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Two Balls
  • Unlock premium feature


Smash Hit Hack proof

Download for iOS


Download for Android


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