Social Empires Hack

Hello, our team remarked that nowadays there are many people who play Social Empires and a Social Empires Hack would help them a lot. After many tests and change in algorithms we have managed to hack this marvelous facebook game. For those who don’t know the details behind Social Empires, let me remind you that this game is made by Social Point for facebook (beta stage) and iPhone. In this game, your objective is to create your empire by gathering resources like gold, wood, meat and stone. With this resources you will build barracks, mills, houses and other buildings. Also you will create troops to attack other villages, controlled by real players. I am actually playing this game, and this came in handy in realizing this powerful hack. From what I know, there are about 150 different types of units, more than 60 adventures and 150 goals to complete. But, the things that I love at this game are that is a MMO, and the awesome graphics. There are also many events organised on the facebook main page.
This hack will give you free cash, gold, wood, meat and stone. The alternative is to wait for a villager to gather all of these. But the resources are gathered so hard that you will spend them in no time! So how to gain a tactical advantage? The soldiers have a pretty low life, so they will die very fast. You can use the gold and food provided by this hack to train a lot of troops and then send them to battle. If you are a begginer, than you will see that wood and stone are very important to protect your land, if you don’t have enough gold to train soldier that would defend your land. If you harvest wood to keep reproducing the farms, then there will be no villagers to train, so that’s why you need this hack. By using it, you won’t have to sacrifice something and you will be more powerful than ever. Maybe you don’t have enough gold for expansion. As you may already know, for the first expansion you need two neighbors and 5000 gold, for the second 5 neighbors and 30000 and so on. There are already people who use the hack, so there is no problem in using hacks. It’s better to use hacks than to pay real money on completing tasks. The archive contain the hacks for both platform: one for the facebook game and one for iPhone. The first works with any browser and you’ll just have to open it, choose the amount of resources and then press on add. The other, for iPhone, has it’s instruction in the app. The hack is clean, as you can see here, even if it’s hard-coded. I’ve personally put a lot of effort in this hack and I hope you will enjoy it. Our site mission is: stop paying for in-game resources and let us play the games for free!
Proof – before using the hack
After applying the hack

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