Solitaire Blitz Hack v1.1

Hi, today we will show you the Solitaire Blitz Hack v1.1, which will give you free silver and energy, more precisely

  • 555,000,555 Silver
  • 555,000 Energy
  • Boosts hack

I really like solitaire, and I used to play the Windows versions, until I found Solitaire Blitz. It is more entertaining than the one from Windows, so I decided that the g4mehacks team should hack this one. The g4mehacks team is pleased to help you with the best hacks for the newest, most popular games on the Internet! We are also proud to say that we managed to shrink the hack for iOS from a couple of MB to 2 KB, so you can download it even if you have a bad Internet connection.

1 – Install the game (skip this step if you already installed it)
2 – Launch the game once & skip the intro
3 – Exit the game & close it from multitasking
4 – Download the zip file from one of the links below
5 – Extract it, Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox…) & Put the file “userdata” that you extracted from the zip to your device :
/(Solitaire Installed Directory)/Documents/userdata
6 – Launch the game & enjoy 🙂
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For iOS
For Android

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