Streetrace Rivals Hack v3

Hello, today we will present you the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3, the cheating tool that will give you not only free gold and cash, but also more powerful cars than ever. In this game made for Facebook played by almost 1 million people, you will shift your gear in numerous tournaments and challenge a lot of strong opponents from famous places such as Berlin, Rio, Miami, Tokyo and so on.

All these races are captivating, we spent a full hour just on playing the game. Even if the game it starts too easy not to win, it becomes more and more challenging. At one moment you will needed to spend real money in order to be able to win the following races, or you can use the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3 as an viable alternative to your gaming session.

You will need two important resources: cash for upgrading car parts such as the engine, turbo system, gearbox, body, exhaust, suspensions and tires. Some of them will also require, besides cash, gold. Gold is the premium currency of Street Rivals which us pretty hard to make. Instead of paying from 3 to 30$ or even more on 15.000 to 390.000 cash, you can generate unlimited cash and gold just by using the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3, made by the g4mehacks team. We decided not to buy the resources we needed and started hacking this game. It took us a couple of days of programming in order to make it work, and it includes an auto-updater, so that you will have to download this hack from our site only once.

You can be sure that, after using our hack, besides not paying for resources, any race that seemed to be unbeatable will become a easy and enjoyable race. You can even bet the cash provided by the Streetrace Rivals Hack Tool in High stakes challenges, and, even more, these resources will help you to defeat your opponents, friends or enemies. You can now win any challenge and amaze your friend with your fully upgraded car. This hack is 100% undetectable and works on any browser you use. We personally tested it on the following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Ie, Opera, Safari, and we know that it will work with almost any other browser available.

Let’s see the features of the Streetrace Rivals Hack:

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited gold
  • Mass upgrade
  • Refill NOS
  • Refill Fuel
  • Proxy & Anti-ban features

If you want your game to look like this

download the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3 :)!

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