The Sims Freeplay Hack by Simslover

Features unlimited Simoleons. With the The Sims Freeplay Hack by Simslover, you can get unlimited LP and simoleons, with which you can design dream homes or get fully furnished houses for your sims and buy more items. Make your town bustle with pet stores, car dealerships and supermarkets. Welcome in our site about The Sims Freeplay Cheats ! Use this tool to generate unlimited amount of simoleons and lifestyle points + new extra option speed game x5. This hack works well on devices such as: all version of Iphone, iOS, Android, Ipod and Ipad (NEW – also for Windows phone – click here to get it). Cheats will be for free look it out below. Download and try it! Also comes with the neighbors auto-adder feature.

Instructions for iPhone

1 – Download the edited binary from here:
2 – Make sure the game is closed, even from multitask
3 – Put the downloaded file in the .app folder of SIMS (you can find it in /var/mobile/Applications using iFile)
4 – Respring your device
5 – Open MobileTerminal and type the following commands (each line ends with the RETURN key)
LOC=$(find /var/mobile/Applications/ -name
cd $LOC
killall -9 SpringBoard
6. Open the game and buy something nice for your sims with your unlimited simoleons

Instructions for Android & Windows Mobile devices (hack included in the rar file)

Just install the .apk provided in the archive on your micro SD card.
How to speed up time, tutorial by SimSlover
1. Put your Sim into action by doing any activity.
2. Click the home button of your iPhone and select tools.
3. Turn off the wifi.
4. Change the time of your iPhone’s clock to the time at which the task should be done.
5. Log back into the game.
6. When a prompt comes up that says unable to connect “retry” do not click it.
7. Go back out of the Sims, go back to your iPhone settings and turn on wifi.
At this point the task should be completed and you can keep doing this or go back and set your clock to the appropriate time and the task will remain completed.
Updated hack (August 2014)
iOS v1
iOS v2
Android v1
Android v2
This game is so cool and get our seal of approval. We hope that you will enjoy The Sims Freeplay Hack by Simslover!

90 Responses to The Sims Freeplay Hack by Simslover

  1. nicole says:

    does it work in samsung galaxy tab 3?

  2. SimsFan says:

    I play Sims games every day. I have tried this hack and I must admit that both worked perfectly. Download it and you will not regret it. I regret the fact that I didn’t found it earlier 😀

  3. Does this work for an samsung android tablet?

  4. Mark Berger says:

    Nice man I got myself 999999k simoleons on my iPhone

  5. Mandy says:

    Does it work on my iPad 2?

  6. Sonia pérez says:

    I have the Sims FreePlay on my android. Do I have to uninstall it before installing the .apk? I don’t want to lose my progress.
    Thank you

  7. Does it work with a Google nexus 7?

  8. Johndee says:

    This hack is amazing! 🙂

  9. marksmi says:

    Thanks, you really are the best!

  10. It will work on iPad mini?

  11. Anonymus says:

    Thank you SimSlover!

  12. Erika Vargas says:

    Does it also apply on android?

  13. Ken Jones says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  14. jackie krystle says:

    I now have a lot of lp and simleons 🙂

  15. twister says:

    there has been updates to the game… is this up to date?

  16. Nor Jaini says:

    Love it. I use Samsung Galaxy S3 mini btw.

  17. sammi says:

    I download the apps and gave me the donuts and the tickets and this is the quickest way to get them. Everyone is saying it’s a good cheat and I did the right thing using it!

  18. Marti says:

    This cheat works Iphone 5, I tested it myself 🙂

  19. Greg says:

    This is good

  20. Manny says:

    Saw this on supercheats and I thank myself for downloading it. It gave me infinite simoleons 🙂

  21. JasperBlaze says:

    I had no trouble downloading this for my Galaxy S3. Works like a charm

  22. Mae says:

    this cheat sounds amazing! 🙂

  23. simlover says:

    Does it work on the galaxy s4 because I can’t turn off wifi cuz it is 4G

  24. Jarrett says:

    Can I use this on kindle fire? And if yes, is there a different set of instructions?

  25. Amali says:

    Do I have to jailbreak my phone first?

  26. Love sims says:

    Is ipad IOS? Please can you explain how i get this on my ipad, im so confused! 🙁

  27. tarra says:

    What happens if you can’t adjust the time in your phone?..

  28. massimo says:

    I downloaded it for my nexus 5 and it works 🙂

  29. Lisa says:

    Does it work on ipad 4 iso7?

  30. ceaera says:

    i followed your instructions , and now I know how to do it. I own a galazy s3 .. and the hack works ! 😉

  31. tom says:

    is it work for galaxy grand??

  32. JR says:

    can i DL the hack directly to my android ineternet browser? i use galaxy s3 but i dnt have memory card at the moment.thanks in advance?

  33. samms says:

    Works on my nook hd tablet

  34. sms says:

    Thanks 🙂

  35. michaelj says:

    This works on my phone!

  36. Emma says:

    still works with the latest update, thanks!

  37. Frederic says:

    great job g4mehacks

  38. sarah2610 says:

    does this work on ipod 5th generation?

  39. MM says:

    So this works on the latest carnival update? Which iOS download button above do I use for an iPad 3? Thanks

  40. Kay says:

    Does it work for ipod touch 5th generation?

  41. Eldrianna says:

    It works on lg optimus g

  42. dhilan says:

    Works perfectly for my note 2

  43. CeeJay says:

    thanks I use it for my Samsung galaxy mega

  44. lutesy says:

    Works on my dell tablet with android

  45. kate says:

    Hi I play the game on Samsung galaxy note 2. Also thank you for the hack.

  46. kate says:

    Hi I play the game on Samsung galaxy note 2. Which one do I download? Also thank you for the hack.

  47. Cariahbel says:

    I have a Galaxy s3. Works fine.

  48. Bridget says:

    I’m pleased to say that this hack works on my phone :D!

  49. Matas says:

    Make it on Windows Phone too

  50. Mae says:

    I have ipad2 and it works

  51. Cheyenne says:

    Works on my Galaxy S3

  52. Naman says:

    Dude, it works with micromax doodle 2 too 😀

  53. ThisIsPatrick says:

    works on my iphone 5s and it is very, very good

  54. Kendra says:

    i have an ipad mini and it also works on it

  55. jenna says:

    does this work or can you put up a hack for bluestacks ( if i use it on pc)????

  56. Bre says:

    Very good, thank you

  57. Ali B. says:

    Downloaded to my S5 and I can open to .apk file with ease. Thank you!

  58. Jameskie says:

    Downloaded and I can tell that it works for my Samsung

  59. pupquake4231 says:

    I have an I pad 4 and it was easy for me to figure out how to do this free simoleons and money hack, even if I am not very computer savy

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