TwoDots Hack

TwoDots Hack

The TwoDots Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android, is a hack that generates unlimited moves, lives and bombs. The game is made by Betaworks One and it bases on simplistic gameplay, like connecting dots. But as all the other games,  TwoDots features micro-transactions, and this time they try to sell everything.

TwoDots Hack generates, as you may already know, moves, lives and bombs. You can have 5 lives, spend all of then, and then you’ll have to wait for them, ask them from friends or even buy them. With the TwoDots Hack you won’t have to wait or buy them because lives will never be a problem ever again. You deserve to play the game as much as you ant, not as much as they want. With the TwoDots Hack, it will be easier for you, the real gamer, to finish this game in a single run. Another feature of the TwoDots Hack is unlimited moves. Sometimes you may be at the end of the level, a level that you tried over and over again to finish, and guess what? You can only finish that level with two moves and you have only one. The only alternative, until today, was to buy moves. Now, you can use the TwoDots Hack to generates all the moves you need. Just switch to the TwoDots Hack app and regenerate the moves. No more repeating the same level when you have the TwoDots Hack on your phone. The last feature generated by the TwoDots Hack are the bombs. Bombs make the game a lot easier, letting you do the moves you want. Now that you know how important the TwoDots Hack is, let’s see how you can use it. First, download the TwoDots Hack from the below mirrors. Second, tap the red off buttons to become green on buttons for he resources you need. Third, input the amount of resources you want. After the hack finished hacking, you can see that you can ave even 200 moves, like in the following image:

TwoDots Hack

TwoDots Hack generates

  • Unlimited moves
  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlimited bombs



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