Uberstrike Hack v2

Hi, and welcome to the Uberstrike Hack v2, the only hack that will give you free points and credits. Why do you need these resources. Well, to buy weapons, of course :)! It is easier to buy

  • Wrecker Limited Edition,
  • The Harvester of Noobs,
  • MSR Camo,
  • Jericho Limited Edition,
  • Bio Lance, Annihilator,

and epic gears like: The Totalist, The Stinker, The Eroder, Suit of Agent Xenon, etc. by using our Uberstrike Hack.

This hack is also available on iPad, not just on facebook. And you will find both hacks in the same archive, to enjoy the both hacks for both platforms. This free FPS game is made by CMUNE, and it’s a popular game, with over 1 million players active every day. It has many maps, 15, from which I prefer: Aqualab Research Hub, CuberSpace, CuberStrike, Fort Winter, Gideons Tower, Lost Paradise 2, Monkey Island, etc. It is a game with nice 3D graphics, with heroes like soldiers, cyborgs, post-nuclear scientists and zombies. I use to take part in tournaments and in the weekly contests.

The hack will  give you:

  • Points
  • Credits
  • Aimbot
  • Speed hack
  • Level hack
  • Undetectable

How to use it?

  • Download the hack
  • Open it and the game in your browser
  • Tick the resources
  • Click on start
  • So, instead paying for credits, download this hack and enjoy your unlimited points and credits. You’re much cooler with the Uberstrike Hack!
Mirror 1
 Mirror 2

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