About us

About us

G4mehacks.com is a site which hosts several hacks. Most of them are made by the g4mehacks team, formed of three persons (I – Erik, HaCKzOrS-Abdul and ReVoluTiON-Emad), and others are made by our friends and colleagues. The site started as a blogspot site, and recently we have moved all the hacks to  this direct .com domain, the g4mehacks.com We are studying at MIT and we’re ready to make for you any hack, just by using the request page from here.
Us with our project, the Mystery Machine
We test them on many different platforms. If something goes wrong, write a comment in the hack’s pages. Our team wants to thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you will enjoy every hack we post.
Guest hackers:
ZaneX is a young hacker with lot of experience in hacking RPG’s and MMORPG’s. We have invited him here and we let him post some of his best hacks. 

Emad’s thoughts about g4mehacks and hacks in general.

Our site began in March 2013 when facebook games were more popular, or at least as same as popular as the games for Android and iOS. We work countless hours to create hacks for new popular games released every day. Because it’s impossible to cover all the new games, you can use the request page to ask for other hacks and we will do it as fast as we can.
Now, why do we create these hacks? Because nowadays in-game micro-transactions are everywhere. Players are misguided by the type of almost all the games from Google Play or iTunes: freemium – a game which is free, but somehow forces you to buy several resources in order to buy several premium items, to unlock stages, and so on. Developers first offered only paid games. They saw that people won’t buy games (and why should we buy games which won’t fulfill our expectancies) and prefer pirating them, so they decided to enforce this kind of practices. Our team thinks that micro-transactions are not fair, and, until they won’t stop enforcing them, we will keep making hacks for all the games that keep following this trend, on facebook, iOS , Android and other platforms. I would like to thank you for your support and for your positive feedback. You are the ones who deserve to play any game, without any limitations, and that’s why we do this hacks for you. 🙂

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