Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack

Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack

The Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is a hack that generates unlimited gold, unbound balens and bound balens. Another great RPG game made by Kabam, Wartune also has a single-player campaign, and we really want to thank them for including this into a multiplayer game. The thing is that, like any other developer, they make our life harder by almost forcing us to buy premium currency, in this game balens. The Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack works in both single-player campaign and in multi-player, generating all the gold and balens you need.

Balens is the premium currency of Wartune Hall of Heroes. There are two types of balens: bound balens and unbound balens, both generated by the Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack. Bound Balens replaced vouchers in November 2013. With them you can buy items from the Mystery Shop and are used to speed up cooldowns, upgrading Farm land and Sylphs without Mahra, training mount without a Mount Training Whip, unlocking inventory space and so on. But if bound balens can be earned throughout the game, unbound balens can only be bought, and we don’t agree with that. That’s why he have made the Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack, which also generates gold. Gold is the main currency in Wartune. It is used to upgrade Buildings, buy Mercenaries, buy Farm seeds, exchange for Guild Contribution, and so on. You may sometimes feel that you don’t have enough gold, case in which you should use the Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack. The hack has a nsie and simple interface and works on Android and iOS, on both rooted and unrooted, jailbroken or non-jailbroken devices. All what you have to do is to download the app, open it, select the device on which you want to hack. Next, type the amount of gold, unbound balens and bound balens and tick the resources you want. The final  step is to press on start cheat. Your game should look something like this:

Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack Proof


Download the Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack from below



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