Words With Friends Hack

Before reading about the Words With Friends Hack: Words With Friends is a game made in 2009 by Zynga in which you have to form long words to beat you opponent. Even if it’s scrabble rip-off, this game is entertaining and is one of the games that grew the most in terms of number of players. I got beaten at this game by my English teacher with 50-0. That was pretty disappointing  But you know what I did? I started using this hack. I bet with her that she won’t win the next game. And then I won back. She couldn’t understand how I managed to do so much points, and she game me an A+ grade just for this. But that’s my story.
In this game you can swap letters or skip turns. One of the main interesting features is that you can swap tiles with the pool of currently unused tiles. You may resign a game. There are two extra features, the “tile pile” and “word-o-meter”, accessible for a premium. You can use the coins to remove those annoying ads.  And about the tokens, why should you pay $1.50 for Tile Pile, when you can get it for free? Tile pile will allow you to see all the letters remained on the hidden letters pile. For 4$ (32 tokens) you will get the Word-O-Meter, which advises you if it’s possible to get a better word with your letters. And what’s worse, both have limited use: Word-O-Meter 99 uses and Tile Pile just 10 uses. I just don’t see the point paying for them. It’s disappointing to see that more and more people are paying for it. Better use this hack. It’s free, and I three types: one for Facebook (the one from the image) that works on every OS, one for Android (install over the app) and one for iPhone.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be a cheater if there weren’t already many people who use this feature which bring to us, those who don’t pay for them, a great disadvantage  But this game is about fun, is about learning new words, and this will help you win every single game.

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