World of Tanks Hack v.1.23

The World of Tanks Hack is our latest creations, and we’ve focused on it for over two months, becoming our top priority since it became such a popular game. We’ve tried to make it plain and simple; open, select your resources and type your e-mail. The most important system implemented from our other greatest hack is the anti-ban feature. Before releasing it to the public, we’ve have tested it for over a month to make sure that we won’t get banned, and we weren’t. It will give to your account some of the most important things that you really need in World of Tanks, like:
  • Experience
  • Gold
  • Ammo
  • Credits
Credits are earned by winning battles, and you can convert one gold into 400 credits. But just think for a moment how many battles you need to win in order to buy a Lowe tank, which costs about 12.500 gold. So, our World of Tanks Gold Hack will solve this problem and buy the tank for you. That’s great, I know. And by using the hack for experience, ammo or credits, you can reach higher and higher levels, and you know what that means: kicking your opponent’s asses. That’s right. I can tell you that I like this game even more than before. And that’s not all. The hack comes with a feature which was leaked to us by a friend who created the game. Do you want your account to be Premium for free? By using World of Tanks you can get the premium status just by ticking one of the boxes below:
1 month
3 months
4 months
6 months
12 months
If one won’t work, try the other (this feature is still in beta, but the 1 month renewal should work fine). We are also working on a hack which provides you with Wallhack, Aimbot, Instant Reload, Speed Hack, Invisible Tank and many others. We will also release it on our site. Thank you for downloading the World of Tanks Hack and we hope that will make you the best WOT player ever! 🙂
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