WWE Supercard Hack

WWE-SuperCard-CheatsThe WWE Supercard Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, generates unlimited credits. It is made by 2K, a company that is the parent of Rockstar Games, which made great games like Mafia II and also 2K14 for mobile devices. But as any developer use to do, they get a big franchise and try to milk it to the limit. That means that the include micro-transactions, and, in WWE Supercard, they sell credits. The WWE Supercard Hack generates unlimited credits, so you won’t ever have to worry about them anymore.

You really need credits for some epic cards. Use 100 credits and you will get a random Superstar card. But even if you have 100 credits and try to get a great card, the process is randomized! That means that you can get a common card and not an epic one, so you will need 100 more credits. The thing is that you may or may not have those 100 credits, so that’ another thing that developers included so that you would have to spend more. That might be true if you don’t use the WWE Supercard Hack. Those who already WWE Supercard Hack generated tons of credits thanks to it. It helped them get even legendary cards! So, let’s also see hop to use this hack. Open it, select iOS or Android, depending on which operating system your phone and tablet uses, and press on hack. The game will be hacked and you will get all the credits you need.

Download the WWE Supercard Hack from below





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